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Contact Fadi at WhatsApp +33 637382525

Living from Consciousness Retreat

September 26 & 27, 2020 (arrival on the evening of the 25th)

Location: Les Yourtes d'Eli, Avons-les-Roches (37220) - all inclusive

Contact Fadi at WhatsApp +33 637382525

This workshop takes a very practical approach towards Consciousness. First to understand the nature of Consciousness and it components. Then we will introduce a variety of practices from different perspectives that will help facilitate to directly identify and then explore your True Nature as Consciousness and its components and the importance of abiding as this. In this investigation and abiding begins a movement into a deeper relationship of Knowing and being Source. We will also explore some of the challenges and hindrances that negate or do not allow us to naturally rest in this this place where we have never moved from that we already Are. To better integrate this we will also explore and practice what it is to be and communicate from this place of Consciousness and awaken the Inner Guru or Inner teacher. Bringing consciousness in your life is very powerful and gratifying. It changes your whole life in how you interact with yourself and others. It allows for a greater depth of happiness, satisfaction and natural connection with all things all the time. Components that will be focused on:


1. Many of us take our body for granted yet it is the foundation of our existence in manifestation. The body is the physical vehicle of our consciousness. So general body awareness is important. In more advanced stages it eventually becomes necessary for the spine and nervous system to hold and manage higher levels and frequencies of energy flows. To facilitate this we will introduce a few simple practices to open up the energy channels, strengthen the nervous system and develop chakra awareness.

2. Identifying Presence in the body and Presence externally and how to live from a place of Presence Consciousness. There will be individual, partnering and group practices.

3. Identifying our primordial Awareness, the Inner Guru and how to live from a place of Awareness Consciousness.

4. Much of how we live and relate is from Communication. Therefore how to communicate from Presence and Awareness is vital. We will engage in a variety of practises that will help to experience and integrate this ability.

5. Throughout the workshop there will be Satsangs to answer all the questions that people have and at the end there will be individual Consciousness transmissions.

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