Exploring the Foundations of

Non Duality, Buddhism, Yoga, Mindfulness 

& One's True Nature

Meeting in Presence 

A forum that is direct and all inclusive. A space for exploring the foundation and essence of all Spiritual traditions such as : Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Native Shamanic traditions of the world and Mindfulness. It is also the invitation of grace - the direct experience of our True Nature, or the Absolute Truth that all spiritual traditions are pointing towards. In fact, we are already your True Nature, it is just a matter of noticing. In this space, we cultivate an environment of seeing and direct experience by exploring the nature and qualities of presence/awareness/consciousness in the moment. At the same time, we will also point out the challenges of why we are not naturally abiding here. When one is in presence, one is out of the thinking mind and more aware of the body and the Suchness of life all around. We can naturally abide here. In this all inclusive space, all questions are welcome.  

About Saeed

For the past twenty years Saeed has been studying and practicing the wisdom traditions from around the world. (Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and various native shamanist traditions). Upon discovering Satsang in Tiruvannamalai, a knowing awakened that this was the way for him. With an open mind and heart, Saeed received help from friends and some key Satsang teachers and eventually life took Saeed deep into a state of consciousness.


For one year he lived free from thought. The truth of Consciousness became so inexorably dominant that the Ego and and negative emotions disappeared. Saeed knew and experienced himself as unlimited consciousness - being the radiance of life which is bliss itself. There was also a profound sense of acceptance and contentment beyond what was known before. In this state any question or investigation was directly answered. However, ironically at the same time, all questions and inquiry stopped, aside from a direct investigation of the nature of form and emptiness itself.

In this state it was hard to imagine that ego/personality could even exist in others. The Ego Personality seemed like a paradoxical phenomenon. Eventually thoughts and emotions came back with a sense of loss of this state. Instead of falling into depression and despair, like many others, Saeed decided, to the best of his ability to be a good sport about it and see this as an opportunity for acceptance and integration. Even though the thoughts and emotions returned, this knowing and being of Consciousness never left. After years of coaxing by other teachers, Saeed is finally started sharing and guiding people to the place that is still yet mysteriously elusive although, ever present in every moment.

Saeed takes a direct and practical approach towards the understanding of our True Nature, first by identifying it and then by developing an inner space from where one can naturally live from. His approach is not theoretical. In his sharing Saeed draws from his direct lived experience, not only from the many years of practice based on the various spiritual traditions but also from his exploration of the more contemporary spiritual trends and cultures.

Sessions- Consciousness Transmissions

These sessions help people with the various challenges that they may be facing in life. Whether it is related to work or relationships with family, friends or life partners. I take a very direct a practical approach to empower people in finding their own answers. 

By  bringing all my life experience and grace I also facilitate bringing people to higher consciousness in a holistic and integrated way. Step by step with mindfulness training, discernment, and consciousness transmissions. 


To find out more please contact: mobile/whatsapp +91 7708980612 or nondualitylife@gmail.com