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The Path to Enlightenment Retreat
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The Path to Enlightenment


Are you curious about Enlightenment?  Has Freedom been on your mind and in your heart but everything you have tried has not worked? Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to Awaken?


Has your soul felt called to it?  Have you ever considered the possibility of Enlightenment or wondered what it actually might be?

Then come join us for this illuminating Path to Enlightenment Retreat @ the pristine Shambala resort from December 17th-20th.


Let's be honest, You will not become enlightened during this retreat... (unless by rare grace.  That would be pretty cool!) ,  BUT, you will definitely be much closer to it than before.  This retreat is perfectly aligned to reconnect you to some deep Soul knowing and open your energy channels for a more profound integration. 


To lift a lot of confusion on the subject we will look at how different traditions approach the subject. The fundamental spiritual principles of Awakening, Freedom and Enlightenment will be clarified and illuminated both from a modern western and a Traditional spiritual perspective (Sufism, Buddhism, Tantra, Vedanta, Taoism, etc.).


This Retreat will bring in a broader understanding and clarity of what these principles could be. Practices will be introduced for better comprehension. Together we will create a beautiful energy field conducive to those integrations.


Utilizing various spiritual technologies of Enlightenment, we will:

- Go over the chakras and energize them.

- Work on bringing more aliveness and vitality to the spine.

- Practice various breath work techniques.

- Engage in group practices that explore Conscious Communication (Non-violent Communication) to help         get in touch with our inner Truth.

- Channel particular cosmic forces and Ascended Masters.

- Spiritual Heart activation.

- Explore difference between horizontal and the vertical integration of Consciousness.

- Cover Spiritual Traps, the importance of spiritual integrity and what that might be. 

- Engage in energy practices to raise consciousness.

- Practices to help identify ones True Nature.


The Location:

Shambala Oceanside Retreat is an exquisite beachfront sanctuary on the Northshore of Bali.

This safe haven has an energy field that has been long cultivated for higher consciousness.  The surrounding beauty of the nature and cute local village make it a very special location.  The food is fresh and delicious and made with love and care.  You transition in ease between the comfortable bedroom, a beach walk, a dip in the sea, to the beautiful spacious shalla, to the pool, to the beach front restaurant. 


This is the perfect retreat to treat yourself for a nurturing and meaningful end of the year. Closing off 2021 in style and with an expanded heart, stepping with new consciousness towards 2022.



ARRIVAL: December 17th 12 noon

CHECK OUT:  December 20th 10 am



Price: 4. million Rupiah 

This price includes accommodations in shared rooms with one other person and all meals. 

Single rooms are available for another price.

Some collective pick ups might be possible to organise if necessary for an extra nominal fee.



We look forward to having you join, with an open heart.

Shambala Oceanside Retreat Centre:

Facilitator: Saeed Khan,

Contact: WhatsApp: +917708980612

Pictures of Shambala Oceanside Retreat Centre

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