Fadi Najib Farhat

Fadi was born in 1983 in Colmar. He lived in Alsace, then in Lebanon, and again in France, in Châtellerault. Fadi worked in ecological restoration in Mexico, where he also studied old and new shamanist practices. He has 2 certificates in Hatha yoga, and attended several Vipassana Retreats. He teaches yoga asanas, meditation and a shamanist practitionner.  Fadi recently got initiated into the ancient Bön tradition of Tibet.  www.manayoga.fr

Noelle Kabel

Noëlle has been enquiring into who she is since she was a little child. Originally from the Netherlands, at the age of 19 she finally started to study with teachers from all over the world who answered her pressing questions, and guided her deeper into her true self. Since then, her practice has been continuous and wholehearted. Meanwhile, she had many talents and interests  in many things, and in the end she was lovingly immersed in the creative process of preparing personalised body oils as her own business. Recently, at the age of 28 and with the guidance of Saeed, she was invited to assist and live with Saeed’s teacher in Malta.