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Levels of Consciousness Workshop

Sunday December 6th, 2020

European Central time: 2-5 pm, Toronto 8-11am

Price: 30 Euros

PayPal Acct:

(Zoom link will be sent upon receiving payment.  Please make sure payment is made at least one day before the workshop begins.)

This workshop will look at Consciousness in a very simple and clear way. Surprisingly, from my direct experience, I found this technique of ascertaining an actual numerical level of consciousness to be a very important and extremely valuable tool to illuminate hidden aspects of how Consciousness manifests and evolves in human beings. It uncovered a huge misunderstanding and confusion that most people have about consciousness and the consciousness of spiritual teachers. There is a difference between depth of consciousness and level of consciousness. Up to now spiritual teachers and people have been mistaking depth of consciousness as being the same as higher level of consciousness. Here we will also look at the work of David Hawkins in relation to levels of consciousness and how it can be approached in a non-dualistic way. Understanding levels of conscious completely changes the current paradigm of Consciousness in the West. This technique and new understanding will empower therapists, life coaches, facilitators of consciousness to help their clients and generally people to see what levels of consciousness different spiritual teachers are at. Please come with all your questions.

A pen and paper to help with the kinesiology practice. 

All participants will have access to the facilitator to continue the practice of this method after the workshop.

It will cover:

  • Meditation to directly experience aspects of Consciousness

  • Components of Consciousness.

  • Depth of Consciousness vs Level of Consciousness. 

  • The factors that contribute to raising of consciousness.

  • The factors that lower consciousness.

  • Level of Consciousness and different spiritual teacher's awakening (Spontaneous waking without a living teacher, teachers whose teacher where not in the body, teachers who had teachers and the teachers died, teachers whose teachers were a catalyst to reach full consciousness). 

  • How Levels of Consciousness can be used as a tool of understanding.

  • Learning a Kinesiology technique to measure people's level of consciousness. 

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